Rock Mulch, Concord, NC

We understand the benefits of rock mulch and can talk to you about the advantages of choosing this material.

Mulch is a term that refers to a layer of material placed over the top of soil in a garden or other landscaping beds. It provides protection, helping to cover the soil to regulate its temperature more effectively while also helping the soil to retain moisture. When you water soil during the summer months, the moisture often evaporates before it reaches the plants’ roots below. As a result, plants tend to struggle when it’s hot and sunny, as they aren’t getting the necessary water. But with mulch in place, you can protect your plant life by providing more steady access to moisture.

Rock Mulch in Concord, North Carolina

There are various types of mulch available, including organic and inorganic options. Each has its own list of pros and cons, as well as a unique appearance that can enhance the look of your outdoor space. If you’re looking for inorganic mulch, one type to consider is rock mulch. It’s a visually appealing option that has its own unique benefits, including acting as a weed barrier. Our team at Serene Landscape Consulting offers rock mulch to properties in and around Concord, North Carolina.

We have worked in the landscape and garden design industry for decades. Over the years, we’ve learned the benefits of rock mulch, so we can talk to you about the advantages of choosing this material. We also have the equipment needed to haul and deliver rocks in any quantity and place them in your garden beds, around your trees, and anywhere else you want them. For more information, contact us.