What Is Hardscaping?

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Our team at Serene Landscape Consulting has extensive experience in landscape design, and you can count on us to make your yard the best it can be. Over the years, we have found that many people assume landscape design consists only of selecting and placing plants, but in reality, there is more to it than that. A great landscape typically includes hardscaping elements as well as vegetation.

What Is Hardscaping?

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of hardscaping to help you generate ideas about how to incorporate hardscaping elements into your design.

  • Definition of Hardscaping – To put it simply, hardscaping refers to the elements of a landscape made of stone, concrete, or pavers, such as retaining walls, pathways, patios, and more. The name comes from the hard materials used to create these elements, in contrast to the “soft” vegetation.
  • Practical Benefits of Hardscaping – Most hardscaping structures are designed to serve a practical purpose. For example, retaining walls keep slopes intact, and pathways make it easier to get around the landscape. However, these functional structures can also elevate the aesthetics of your landscape and enhance your design.
  • Aesthetic Benefits of Hardscaping – Using hardscaping elements in your landscape design will also create pleasing visual contrast with the plants and foliage. The organic shapes of the leaves, flowers, and vines of the plants in your landscape will look great against the solid forms and sharper edges of your walls, pathways, etc.

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