The Purpose of Landscape Mulching

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At Serene Landscape Consulting, we have found that while just about everyone has seen mulch used in landscapes, not everyone has a good understanding of what it is used for.

The Purpose of Landscape Mulching

To clear up this confusion, we have put together this article to explain the purpose of landscape mulching.

  • What is mulch? – Let’s start at the very beginning by explaining what mulch itself is. Mulch is an organic material, such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost, which is spread around the roots of plants to insulate or enrich the soil. One of the most popular types of mulch consists of wood chips.
  • What does mulch do? – Landscape mulching can serve a few different purposes. One purpose is to insulate the soil—the mulch creates a barrier against passive heat transfer, which helps keep the soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This in turn protects the roots of the plants. Another purpose is to help the soil retain moisture. Wood chip mulch is especially effective for moisture retention—when you water the plants, some of the water soaks into the wood fibers, and this moisture gets released back into the soil over time. A third purpose for landscape mulching is to enrich the soil. Mulch will decay over time, adding its nutrients to the soil as it does so. This in turn helps nourish the plants and keep them healthy.

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