How Landscape Architects Approach Landscape Design

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Landscape architecture approaches landscape design like a building project. There are environmental, functional, and visual factors and goals to consider and achieve. A landscape architect has achieved a level of expertise in the field, usually through a higher-education degree, certification, and licensing, and applies their thorough expertise to create thoughtful, artful, and strategic landscape designs.

How Landscape Architects Approach Landscape Design

At Serene Landscape Consulting, here’s how we approach landscape design:

  • Property analysis – First and foremost, we get a lay of the land. We know that the best landscape design will work with the natural land as much as possible. We take note of any challenging terrain, drainage issues, and soil considerations so we can develop a practical design that can thrive.
  • Client vision and concept design – We know our clients have a vision for their property, and we strive to bring it to life. Whether you know exactly what you want or simply have an idea of how you want the space to feel, we bring our expertise to flesh out your vision into an achievable plan.
  • Practical planning – Once we are sure we understand your vision as well as the terrain we are working with, we set out to develop a practical, strategic plan. Landscape design is only as successful as it is functional, so we get into the weeds of applying our extensive knowledge and experience to every element of the design to ensure it will thrive.
  • Implementation – Our skilled team then makes our plan—and your vision—a reality through careful implementation. Our strategy centers around a cohesive landscape design that starts deep in the soil through to the final decorative touches.
  • Follow-up and maintenance – We guarantee our workmanship for 12 months and our plant materials for 6 months to ensure your landscape design is properly established. We follow up on maintenance services for new vegetation to make sure our work thrives.