Four Important Considerations When Planning Your Landscape Lighting

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Are you looking to illuminate your outdoor space? Landscape lighting can transform a dark yard into a cozy evening retreat. But first, the lighting design must start with proper planning to ensure you get value for your investment.

Four Important Considerations When Planning Your Landscape Lighting

Here are four planning considerations to help pave your way to landscape lighting success: 

  1. Purpose/Placement. Ideally, the placement of your landscape lighting fixtures should align with your lighting goals. Consider how you would like to view your landscaping after dark and where the illumination best serves your needs. For instance, accent lighting will highlight architectural and botanical elements of your property’s landscaping that you’d like to stand out at night.
  2. Type and Size of Lighting Fixtures. Once you’ve determined the purpose of your landscape lighting, choose lighting fixtures that are well-suited to this need. To add visual interest, the fixtures’ size and angling should match the area’s scale, like subtle up-lights nestled between your garden plants.
  3. Light Intensity. Most landscape lighting designs emphasize visibility and ambiance and minimize hot spots. Opt for low-lumen lights to further enhance the outdoor relaxation effect. As for light colors, choose them depending on the desired mood. Brighter colors will liven up the space, while neutral colors will boost the ambiance of your landscape.
  4. Sustainability. Finally, choose landscape lighting that is both energy- and cost-efficient. This will help reduce your overall energy consumption. LED and solar lights are some of the best options on the market.

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